Konnekt for Windows 10


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Konnekt is assumed to be only a small application providing you hooked to the plug-ins communication system, service profiles, files, and basic cable service messages and contact lists. As a result, the user selecting the plugin can create a tool that meets their needs. At the moment, for example, Konnekt can be either a communicator, for enabling encrypted conversations (Jabber networks, GaduGadu, Oxygen and LAN), or only a small programiki to send SMS messages. Of course, it may be two (and many other) at the same time. Currently available plugins and their nature, leads us to call the program - Multi IM. Application possibilities: - Fully extensible architecture of the program, together with a shared set of SDK (Software Development Kit - headers, documentation) for programmers who want to write a plugin. - Fully customizable user interface. The possibility of docking the edges, autoukrywania, translucency and notify you of new messages, move toolbars and above all, a large range of options to choose from. - Standard Service contact list, group, ignoring, etc. - Sounds for events [sound.dll - included] - Automatic updates, retrieves only those files that have changed [kUpdate - included]. - Full support network GaduGadu IM (including conferencing, file transfer and emoticons). In addition, the built-in activity detection of hidden relations and anti-spam protection. [Gg.dll - included] - Support for Jabber network. [KJabber - Żabber] - Oxygen Network Support. [Carbon] - Expanded plug to send text messages, with the ability to attach scripts for user-written goals. At the moment, there are scripts for goals Era, Era Omnix, Idea, Idea MBox, Plus, City Plus, 1stWap, Wawer SMS + a few others! [Sms.dll - included] - Full support for call history, including saving searches and complex queries, and results. - Support for multiple user profiles - Discussions in the LAN [kLAN.dll] - Encrypt a message [gcrypt.dll] - Replaces sets of icons and colors. Charging status icons known GaduGadu 5.0 [kStyle.dll] - Sending files over the network and LAN Messenger [ktransfer2.dll] - Support for emoticons and chat window styles based on CSS [kieview.dll] - Export / import settings and contacts to / from XML [exPiMP.dll] - Set the status of the title listened to MP3 (Winamp, Foobar ...), control your music from the chat window [kpilot.dll] - Set the status of all networks at once [kzmieniacz.dll] - Ability to write scripts for the defining the action and reactions of outgoing / incoming message. [Kbot.dll]